Why is Tokimonsta so wonderful? Her new EP, Creature Dreams, out on May 17, is getting some serious loop action right now. It’s the only thing I want to listen to when I wake up, when I get ready, and especially late at night. Consisting of seven tracks, each one delivers with a bang and in ways you can’t describe but you just know it’s giving your ears, mind, and soul a warm, fuzzy feeling. “Fallen Arches” is her luring opener and the guest vocals by Gavin Turek in “Little Pleasures” and “Darkest (Dim)” puts me in a feel-good trance. “Bright Shadows” is the third track and it’s a hot little potato. I imagined myself in a game of Super Mario Bros. and this song plays as I jump to get my gold coins and avoid those deadly piranha flowers!

[audio:|titles=Bright Shadows]
Bright Shadows [MP3]

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