Belly & Snout

Today we got to finally try Belly & Snout. Chef Warren and company has been around for a couple years I believe as a brick & mortar and before as a food truck during the great food truck wars. I’ve past by so many times but it’s been on my list. Finally got to cross it off and my only regret was not coming here way sooner. The place is super chill, seating in the back and everything on the menu sounds amazing. Definitely can’t sleep on this place. Can’t wait to go back. Take friends and order a lot of items so you can try as any different items as you can. Sharing is caring! If you’re too lazy to go to Koreatown, peep them at Smorgasburg in Downtown LA on Sundays!

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Enjoyer Gelato Bars!

It’s no doubt the popsicle has made a comeback. With social media, the familiar foods of the past are coming back, in wonderful form. Enjoyer is an awesome maker of fruit and gelato popsicle bars with 2 locations. The next best thing to their delicious pops is the fact that they deliver! You can get tons of their popsicles delivered straight to your door via Eat24, Grubhub, Postmates, and LA Bits Delivery. Enjoyer was generous to let us try some of their bars including Coconut, Strawberry watermelon, nutella with nuts, Mango, Pistachio and a handful of their mini bars. Deliver some happiness to someone now!

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We’ve been meaning to check this place out for a while and luckily Alex of Yup Dduk invited us to a mad feast. Before getting into all that food, I gotta say that the staff here was super helpful and Randy, the manager on shift, was super awesome. That was definitely part of the experience. Okay on to the food. This is not really a view, it’s more my blog and some play-by-play of what went down. The staff was explaining everything to me and I took all the suggestions he had. And then about 10 minutes later they made it rain 떡볶이 like I’ve never seen before.

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For my sister’s birthday we decided on one of the “hottest” restaurants in LA right meow. Been wanting to try this place and found an excuse to go. This is not a review but I can tell you everything was delicious, from the seafood to the noodles and of course the bright and airy environment was beautiful yet simple. The seating is interesting as they have an outside patio, and indoor dining room, higher tables near the bar, the bar seating…basically any where you sit is a different angle, slightly different vibe. We had an earlier reservation so the restaurant was nice and empty. They had a decent tap list. We had a couple of my favorites: 21st Amendment’s Hell or High Watermelon and Modern Times Fruitlands Guava Gose.

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Drinking and eating spots in Koreatown are dime a dozen but you can’t always get what you want. Sometimes you do want good food with your booze. Sake Tori is that place where you can have a few beers with a friend or bring out the feast for a weekend turn up event. Sake Tori is an awesome family-owned & operated, drop-in neighborhood spot in Koreatown offering a delicious Izikaya menu and many Korean comfort eats. They’ve also got sushi, soups & salads, and rolls for days. Of course it would’t be quite complete with out awesome sake and soju specials all week long.

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Koreatown has a crowded coffee scene but it lacked a specialty coffee shop, and the atmosphere to boot. In 2014, a sister team set out to change that and ended up with something they loved–a steady developing community. Their desire to create this community both with customers and staff continues to drive them to create a space where interactions can happen, coffee being the vehicle. Look out for a new location in 2017! 

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It’s been decades since a large grocery chain has invested into the South Los Angeles regions which means less accessibility to affordable food and good food. With Love LA is a game changing social enterprise that provides affordable, healthy & delicious foods for the neighborhood. A café within offers fresh smoothies, juices, and a variety of coffee drinks as well as grab-n-go items. A community garden, patio and mezzanine space completes an inviting community hub experience. With Love’s non-profit arm offers incredible community-tailored programs that bring their heartfelt vision alive. 

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LA’s craft brewery scene is on full throttle with just over 50 in the county. Dry River Brewing is slowing things down with their #slowbeer approach; everything is barrel fermented and the focus is on collaborations, experimentation and using wild local yeasts and ingredients. Sustainability is also a key factor in terms of low water waste, renewable energies and supporting local LA River revitalization efforts. 

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Soju, traditionally made from fermented rice, is the world’s largest selling alcoholic spirit. In recent years, to keep up with global demands, manufacturers are using cheap, low quality starches as substitutes. That’s where YOBO is different. YOBO is distilled in New York using local, high quality grapes and water without sulfites, preservatives or added sugars. At 23% ABV, it’s perfect to enjoy straight and chilled or on the rocks.

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You had me at Pork Belly. Chinese Laundry is helmed by the former Faith & Flower sous chef and David LeFevre trainee, Leo Lamprides, who has been serving up his wife, Helen Li’s, family recipes from various regions of China, as well as re-interpreted Chinese culinary classics out of his vintage food truck. The husband and wife team were hosting underground pop-up dinners in their home (shhh) and eventually hit the streets of LA. Their elevated dishes are delicious experiments with local ingredients utilizing new & traditional techniques. They’ll slay the palette with hits like Grandma’s Hong Shao Pork Belly, Hainan Chicken Taco, and Sichuan Spicy Cold Noodle. To find authenticity and creativity like this, you’d have to go Far East, or just East of LA. Luckily, they’re fulfilling local cravings around Downtown. Everything about this truck is literally chef driven.

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Seoulmate is a Korean Mexican fusion, quick service restaurant in Downtown Fullerton, CA. They cook up delicious yet simple items featuring Korean style marinated meats. Their most popular item is the ‘Old Boy’ burrito which packs sweet ribeye Bulgogi, slivers of kimchi, diced onions, cilantro, lettuce and rice all in a warm tortilla. The FOB burger features Kalbi marinated Angus beef, deep fried onions. tomato, lettuce, and American cheese. Seoulmate also has classic Korean dishes like bibimbap (비빔밥). Great place for lunch and even better when you can enjoy one of their 6 craft beers on tap or a bottle of Soju (소주), a traditional distilled Korean spirit.

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Owned and operated by young women entrepreneurs, Milk+T is a brand new, innovative food truck concept offering fully customizable boba milk tea drinks. The truck features a self-serve window concept with rotating ingredients such as grass jelly, fresh fruits and mint leaves. Milk+T also uses real sugars and fruits to make their handmade syrups as well as premium loose leaf teas. Catch them roaming Los Angeles.

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