Today is the day

Bicycle Caps For Freedom


This Year, one of my goals is to design and manufacture bicycle caps. The profit for the caps will go towards ending human trafficking by supporting non-profits who are putting holes in this injustice. 3 years ago, we had our prototypes made in Cambodia and I was really impressed by how simple that part was. Considering making about 500-1000 limited edition, designed bicycle caps in hopes of raising atleast $25,000. Anyone interested in being a part of this should send me a message! Stay Tuned



It’s that time of year when the world falls in love…and you need a soundtrack while you gain a few pounds, throw back a beer or two (or 10), get dysfunctional with family and hopefully get some new socks! We’ve been putting out new Christmas mixes every year and this is our latest. Wanna bring the cool mix to the party? Download this, put it in your zune or whatever and rock on! If you have a suggestion, drop us a line!


What’s Good On the Playlist?

DSC07492 copy

My favorite tracks from this week…support this stuff! Much more to come. Labels, PR peeps, continue to submit your artists. We are officially opening the inboxes again! Keep it right!

Equator Club – Believe Me

Pomo – Work It Out

FloFilz – Keep It Right

Spazzkid – Better Off Alone

Stwo – Quiet Life

London Future & Djemba Djemba – Look At Me Now

Mr Carmack – Just Wait til Tomorrow

In-N-Out Secret Menu in 1!


Just saw this and had to share. This almost means nothing to people outside of California, but it sure makes us all hungry. I’d say number 3 is my favorite. Click on the image to see it in it’s full glory! via Serious Eats

Saddle Legends Brooks Opens Shop


Don’t get your hopes up, Brooks, the legendary leatheriffic manufacturer of highly drool inducing bicycle products, has opened up their first store. It’s in London. Not a huge surprise but this does give some hope to future locations. My guess would be Hong Kong and New York. And we can dream about LA all day. The store is more of a glorified salute of showing off how far they’ve come, and I’d say they’ve already accomplished that in the small yet large community of global cyclists.


Not only is the store a mini Brooks museum, it also boasts the opportunity to get a custom made Brooks Saddle in a wide variety of colors. I’d like to take my paycheck here one day, and splurge. Customs are great but I don’t think anything has beaten their new Cambium line. It’s a rubber-cotton goodness that somehow still competes with their traditional signature leather suit.