We’ve been meaning to check this place out for a while and luckily Alex of Yup Dduk invited us to a mad feast. Before getting into all that food, I gotta say that the staff here was super helpful and Randy, the manager on shift, was super awesome. That was definitely part of the experience. Okay on to the food. This is not really a view, it’s more my blog and some play-by-play of what went down. The staff was explaining everything to me and I took all the suggestions he had. And then about 10 minutes later they made it rain 떡볶이 like I’ve never seen before.

Two giant bowls of their signature 떡볶이, one in mild and one on the super spicy level, also known as the #ktownspicychallenge. It definitely was flames in your mouth but it was tolerable cause there wasn’t a lingering sting. With in came ramen noodles, mini sausages, mozarella cheese, rice cakes (duh), fish cakes (duh), and mega spicy sauces. Then we topped it with fried dumplings, fried spam, and other deliciously fried stuff. It has a slightly thicker tempura texture to it with incredible crunch. They also gave us rice balls wrapped in seaweed, and 2 jumbo spam/tuna mayo rice balls. All in all, a super delicious 떡볶이 meal worth bringing friends out to feast on. Also a pro tip I shared on instagram: check-in on yelp or other social media and they’ll bring you some awesome secret menu items!

Yup Dduk LA
3603 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90020