You had me at Pork Belly. Chinese Laundry is helmed by the former Faith & Flower sous chef and David LeFevre trainee, Leo Lamprides, who has been serving up his wife, Helen Li’s, family recipes from various regions of China, as well as re-interpreted Chinese culinary classics out of his vintage food truck. The husband and wife team were hosting underground pop-up dinners in their home (shhh) and eventually hit the streets of LA. Their elevated dishes are delicious experiments with local ingredients utilizing new & traditional techniques. They’ll slay the palette with hits like Grandma’s Hong Shao Pork Belly, Hainan Chicken Taco, and Sichuan Spicy Cold Noodle. To find authenticity and creativity like this, you’d have to go Far East, or just East of LA. Luckily, they’re fulfilling local cravings around Downtown. Everything about this truck is literally chef driven.

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