Belly & Snout

Today we got to finally try Belly & Snout. Chef Warren and company has been around for a couple years I believe as a brick & mortar and before as a food truck during the great food truck wars. I’ve past by so many times but it’s been on my list. Finally got to cross it off and my only regret was not coming here way sooner. The place is super chill, seating in the back and everything on the menu sounds amazing. Definitely can’t sleep on this place. Can’t wait to go back. Take friends and order a lot of items so you can try as any different items as you can. Sharing is caring! If you’re too lazy to go to Koreatown, peep them at Smorgasburg in Downtown LA on Sundays!

Longanisa Grilled Cheese
House made sausage, white bread, American cheese
Sisig Hot Dog
Pork, fried egg, boston style bun, all beef dog, garlic crema, pickled red onion, chicharron
Pork Adobo Hot dog
Braised pork, boston style bun, all beef dog, garlic crema, radish, green onion

Belly & Snout
974 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90006