This used to be a music blog but now it’s a record of my interests, both work & personal.
Here are some /random facts:
I’m a husband and father born and raised in Idaho, an incredibly beautiful state.
I’ve had diverse experiences in various aspects of TV/Film production, web, digital marketing & branding, consulting and technology direction.
I’ve worked with several Fortune 500 companies (Apple, Microsoft, Clear Channel Communications) but I’m a big fan of small business.
I love riding and helping people get back on their bikes with my crew.
I have a deep passion for supporting survivors of human trafficking through non-profit partnerships & opportunities.
I’m a top ranked product reviewer for Amazon.com.
When I close my eyes, I see hamburgers.
When I was in grade school, I had a short stint as a model for Target.
I currently reside in Los Angeles, CA with my family where I daylight as a techlord for an awesome hotel company and I moonlight as a freelance marketing/branding strategy consultant.